Thursday, May 16, 2013

On Growing

Maybe it's because Mother's Day was on Sunday. Or perhaps it's the near-daily arrival of nursery items and baby gear. Maybe it's the increasing activity, kicks and flips and turns, happening in my belly. Or the beautiful weather that means leaving the house without a jacket, my baby bump on full display.

I feel the change, the growth. Just as the baby is growing, so am I. And it's more than just a physical change. It's a bond that is already formed, a peace and a sense of strength, an excitement and a healthy dose of uncertainty.

Scott and my family surprised me with a beautiful bouquet and a bunch of notes on Mother's Day. And his family gave me some lovely little gifts. I still have three months until I officially become a mother. But maybe in a way, I already am one. I've nurtured and loved this baby for six months, even if it's different than how I'll care for him or her after he or she is born.

We've started to receive gifts from friends and family. It's amazing to think about actually using these things once the baby is here. He or she is already so loved.

I have a few small updates on the nursery front. We're making some progresswith plenty more to come.

My mom has been hunting down different-sized baskets for the changing table. I ordered some fabric from Carousel Designs, which one of my friend's moms will be using to make basket liners. I picked a couple of navy and white patternsstripes and polka dots. And I also ordered three swatches of turquoise fabrics since that color is always tricky to match. The one I ended up choosing is pictured... and a yard of that fabric should be here any day. (If you're looking for cute baby bedding or fabric for any type of project, you should check out Carousel Designs!)

And I finally used a credit from Christmas toward a gorgeous throw from Design Darling. It goes perfectly with the rug. Scott joked about the baby destroying it. I'm thinking about draping it over the back of the glider/rocker (once we get one) for a little extra color and coziness.

For now, I'm feeling great and moving into the third trimester. Hard to believe we'll get to meet this little guy or gal in three short months!

27 weeks!


  1. I love the sneak peak of the nursery! And you look great!

    1. Thank you! It's coming along :) Hope everything went well this week -- we missed you at lunch!

  2. Love what you're doing in the nursery with all of the patterns! We have artwork arriving in the mail this week. And like Alexis said, you look great!

    1. Thanks -- it's been fun playing with all the patterns and seeing my "vision" come together :) Can't wait to see more pictures of your nursery too!


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