"Share Your Story" Series

My "Share Your Story" Guest Post Series

I'm inviting peoplewriters as well as those who don't consider themselves to be writersto contribute a short inspirational post. Each post will be a sort of short personal essay, sharing a piece of the guest blogger's "story" by telling about a specific time in his/her life.

Possible themes:
Overcome a challenge or difficult time
Learned a lesson
Taken a leap of faith
Discovered something new
Changed your mind
Seen something/someone differently
Stood up for yourself/something you believe in
Achieved a goal

As a personal mission and as a part of my consulting & coaching services, I want to show people that writing doesn't need to be intimidating. To that end, the content of the guest series is meant to inspire, but I hope that the form will inspire as well.

I have some amazing bloggers lined up for the first few weeks, but if you'd like to contribute, feel free to shoot me an email at inspirationandroughdrafts [at] gmail [dot] com.

"Share Your Story" Posts


  1. It's nice that you're encouraging more and more people to express themselves and inspire others to write. I'm sure a credible nlp practitioner perth have quite a number of very inspiring stories to boast.

  2. The best story tellers or bloggers (if they are still able) are those that are at the stage of aging. They have varied experiences full of wisdom that they can share to the young and young-at-hearts.

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