Wednesday, April 3, 2013

It's Time to Freshen Up Your Writing

It's April, which is technically spring... though the temperatures seem to reflect otherwise. But the longer days and doses of sunshine keep me going. And along with this new season comes a sense of renewal, a spring cleaning of sorts.

Personally, we're doing plenty of "spring cleaning" around our house. Clearing out clutter is tough for me. I want to go through everything and always wonder, what if I'll need this later on?

Letting go of things should be easy, but there is a lot of emotion tied up with our "stuff." For example, I recently went through my notes and papers from grad school. Although I logically knew that the value of those stacks of papers was not the same as the knowledge stored in my head, it felt like I was tossing out my tuition and my education with the clutterall that money and time and learning. I pared the piles down considerably, but I had to remind myself of what was importantmore space, more room.

And when it comes to actually cleaning our condo, Scott is much better at it than I am. A clean house is wonderful, but the act of cleaning... not so much. Combating dirt and dust seems like a constant battle. The process, though, is necessaryand so worth it.

The clutter I conquered...

This month, for our Create.Compose.Communicate newsletter, Sarah and I will be supplying you with the tools for a little spring cleaning of your own.

We're not talking about scrubbing the floor or washing the windows. We're focused on ways to freshen up your writing. It's time to let go of the unnecessary "clutter" and polish up all the pretty parts. And let me tell you, it's not as dull as decluttering and cleaning your house. The end result though... amazing, just the same. Your writing is sure to sparkle!

If you haven't signed up yet, you can do so here. Our first newsletter of the month arrives in inboxes tomorrow (Thursday).

Hop on over to Sarah's blog, Inspiration-Driven Life, to find out how she feels about spring cleaning.


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