Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nursery Update: The Crib!

The crib, mattress, and changing table arrived last week, so Scott and I put everything together on Friday night.

The changing table will eventually go where my desk currently is, so its spot by the window is only temporary. If we had more space, I'd probably have chosen a dresser instead of an open-style changing table, but this one will work well and leave room to put a hamper and diaper pail next to it.

We also picked up a Mamaroo off Craigslist from a very nice couple here in the cityfor $100 (half the retail price!).

My vision is slowly coming together... This room just makes me happy.

And in light of Monday's events at the Boston Marathon, I feel like I should simply add that I'm praying for those affected. I'm not a runner, but I've gone to marathons as a spectatorto cheer on my husband, my sister, and friends. In fact, the Chicago Marathon runs right down the street outside our condo building. The energy, dedication, and ultimate sense of accomplishment are truly touching. To think that those positive feelings and experiences were taken away from so many on Monday is heart-breaking. It makes me once again remember to live life fully, spread joy, and say "I love you" more often.


  1. Melissa,
    The room looks great! I really like the crib/changing table. It's coming together.

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