Thursday, September 27, 2012

You Know You Have Baby Fever When...

... you happily volunteer to babysit your friends' and family members' children.

... you start receiving catalogs from baby stores in the mail (after buying baby shower gifts) and actually look through them before tossing.

... you blurt out first names to your spouse and it's clear you are suggesting future baby names.

... you browse the baby section of stores for no reason except to look at the cute little things.

... you randomly Google questions about pregnancy and babies.

... you like to follow along with other people's pregnancies and keep track of due dates.

... you check out other people's strollers as you pass on the street.

... you actually like to look at people's iPhone pics and Facebook albums of baby photos.

... you somehow end up looking at the maternity section of clothing websites and thinking That's kinda cute.

... you come across various dressers, rugs, prints, etc. online and think That would be perfect for a nursery.

... you enjoy caffeine, booze, and all those things you'll have to give up when you're pregnant "while you still can."

... you think about the kind of father your husband will be someday.

Oh, the list could go on, but we'll stop now so my husband doesn't get too freaked out :)  Of course, I'm not saying that I do all these things (right? right!).

To be honest, I think I've had a touch of baby fever ever since we got married (ugh, this feels like such a confession), but for now, we're enjoying our time as a couple and will be very happy to start a family someday in the future.  And I know having a baby and raising a child isn't all cute and wonderful, rainbows and butterflies, but dang, I'm finding baby stuff absolutely adorable these days...

What other items would you add to this list?  Please don't tell me I'm alone in this "baby fever" thing!


  1. This post makes me so happy! :)

    ...when you want to grab any baby you see and just hug it! :)

  2. ...when you look in your closet and wonder how long you'll be able to wear an item once you're pregnant.

    ...or when you base clothing buying decisions on how long you'll be able to wear the item.

  3. Hahaha...I am not married, but I have baby fever because I forget what floor I am heading to on the elevator because I am cooing over someone else's baby.

    To make things worse, I actually forget the baby does not belong to me and follow the mother or father out the elevator.

    My womb is crying...seriously!

  4. Haha, these are great! Keep 'em coming. Glad I'm not alone here :)

  5. I'm totally there with you! It lasts for about 7 seconds before I realize that we are soooo not ready and I would probably flip out if we actually were right now. And also, I really like my body the way it is, haha. I know that sounds selfish, but I'm just not quite ready to gain weight on purpose. Am I the only one that gets nervous like that?!

  6. I am less nervous about gaining the weight... more nervous about losing it afterwards :) But it is weird to think that your body is not your own (during pregnancy) and then it's never really the same...

  7. I'm single and I do most of the things you listed... Even if I was married, I'm definitely not ready to have a child but I look forward to that day hopefully in the relatively-near future. Although, I am nervous about the weight gain too but more because I can't do it to save my life...

    <>< Katie

  8. I am way past childbearing years and still am guilty of many of these symptoms...does that mean I have grandma fever? Ha...

  9. you are totally not along! i've totally had the fever lately. we're not quite ready, but soon. i'd add, you have a pinterest board dedicated to nursery's and baby clothes, because i totally do.

  10. I love hearing that many of us do these things, even in different stages of life! After all, it's biological :)

  11. Grandma fever is the best! You don't have to over-think the pregnancy/body change/responsibility thing. You get all the good times. Also, I can't remember when both Grandpa and I were so loose with money if it involves the baby! Babies make everyone crazy.

    Hugs, Pat


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