Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Announcing... A Weekly Writing Newsletter

Back in July, I posted a survey to gather information on what you all want to know about writing.  I had plans to launch an e-newsletter with writing tips and information.

As the results of the survey started coming in, Sarah Koci Scheilz of Inspiration-Driven Life reached out to me.  She proposed that we join forces and collaborate on the newsletter project since two heads are often better than one... and together, we could share our knowledge and love of writing with more people.

Sarah is a freelance writer too and has her own business, Inspiration-Driven Communication.  (And she is currently in the midst of moving back to my hometown of Kansas City!)  We first connected via our blogs earlier this year and quickly became online friends, especially after discovering our common backgrounds and interests.  Over Labor Day weekend, we even had a chance to meet in-person for lunch while Sarah was visiting her family in Chicago.

Now, after countless emails, Skype dates, and phone calls, we are so excited to announce the project we've been working on over the past two months!

Create.Compose.Communicate is our weekly newslettera collaboration between Melrose Street Custom Content and Inspiration-Driven Communicationwhich will be full of inspiration and instruction on a variety of writing topics.  Whether you write for business or personal projects, we're confident that you'll find plenty of actionable information each weekideas that you can implement into your writing right away to make it better, stronger, and more compelling.

Maybe you think you're not a very good writer.  We want to challenge that mindset and break down the idea that writing is intimidating or only for certain people.

Or perhaps you think you're a pretty talented writer, thank you very much.  We would love to connect with you each week and share our mutual love of the written word.  And we're firm believers that writing is an area in which we can always improve, stretch, grow.

So please, I've love to invite you to sign up for the Create.Compose.Communicate weekly newsletter.  Join us in this writing adventure!  The first newsletter will arrive in inboxes on Thursday, September 20.

And if you ever have a writing-related question that you'd like us to address, shoot us a note at create.compose.communicate [at] gmail [dot] com.

So go ahead... sign up HERE.

Sarah and me, showing our school pride on game day (Missouri and Notre Dame, respectively!)

We'd also like to extend a big thank you to Megan Ibarra of Little Yellow Leaf for designing the create.compose.communicate logo!  She's also the designer behind the Melrose Street Custom Content logo and business cards, so it was amazing to work with her again on this project.


  1. How exciting! We all need some help in our journeys to become better writers.
    I am signing up today!

  2. Congratulation. Looking forward to learning from you both. I read both of your blogs and I am excited. Signing up now!

  3. Thank you, all! So excited about what's to come :)

  4. Congratulations! I'm so excited for you!


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