Thursday, September 13, 2012

The People Who Help Me Succeed

My freelance writing business is still pretty young.  But I'm pursuing this dream career of mine with everything I have.  The journey is full of excitement and joy, as well as disappointments and uncertainty.  And I can't go through it on my own.

A lot of different kinds of people help me to move forward in my business.  In thinking about it, I could roughly bucket them into three groups (with a good amount of overlap, of course!).

People who believe in me.
This group supplies unwavering support and encouragement.  They believe I can do anything and know I'm doing what I'm meant to do.  They are my ultimate cheerleaders!

People who challenge me.
This group is made up of those who push me to think bigger.  They give suggestions, come up with ideas, and look at the big picture.  With their enthusiasm, they help me push past my fear.

People who inspire me.
This group includes some people I know personally and some I've never met.  I look to their amazing successes and stories for guidance, inspiration, and (sometimes) a reality check.

I'm so incredibly thankful.  I couldn't continue to grow my business and work towards success without ALL of these people--and all of you, my wonderful readers.  Thank you, thank you!

Now tell me, who helps you succeed?  Who believes in you, challenges you, inspires you?


  1. Great post, Melissa. You inspire me. :)

  2. This is a sweet post. You actually inspire me.


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