Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Where I'll Be on Friday Evening

I was invited to an event via Facebook a little while ago.  Last night, I went back to read through the details and wondered why I hadn't checked it out sooner.  A quick email to some girlfriends and a ticket purchase later... and I'm going to the LUNAFEST Chicago Women's Film Festival.


The event, hosted by StyleChicago.com and LUNA Bar, includes a cocktail reception and a film screening of nine short films by women filmmakers.  Proceeds from the event also support the Breast Cancer Fund and Bright Pink.

Incredibly diverse in style and content, LUNAFEST is united by a common thread of exceptional storytelling - by, for and about women.

You all know how I believe that everyone has a story to tell... and that story can be shared through writing, film, art, photography, and more.  I'm looking forward to having a glimpse into nine unique stories (view the trailer here).

This traveling film festival may be making its way to a city near you, so if you don't live in Chicago, check out the list of other locations!  And if you do live in Chicago and want to join, here's a link for more info.

Is it Friday yet?

*This is not a sponsored post. I simply want to spread the word about this cool event - hope to see some of you there!


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