Monday, April 18, 2011

Tickled Pink - Baby Shower Fun

Though this weekend was busy, I enjoyed every moment of it.  Friday night was lowkey, hanging out with my sister A who was in town, making dinner and catching up on some magazine reading.  Saturday included brunch with a college friend who was in town (so good to catch up!), errands, yoga, Mass, and a friend's birthday party (casino night!).  And Sunday consisted of a baby shower for Scott's cousin's wife and a long walk with a friend - and some homework.

Because babies, parties, and pink are all so fun, I wanted to share some of the party details.  Scott's mom hosted the shower (the theme was "Tickled Pink") and did a fantastic job.  Since you all know how much I love planning celebrations, I was happy to help out a bit.

I made this cute, easy-to-construct banner, following instructions from a post on Marta Writes.  All I needed was a quick trip to Michael's for scrapbook paper, cardstock, and ribbon. 

After cutting each piece of scrapbook paper in half to create 12x6 sheets, I drew letters on the back of cardstock, cut them out, and taped them to the paper with little rolls of tape.  (It's easier to print out the letters but since I need to hook up the printer to my computer, I just chose a font, enlarged it on screen and freehanded - in reverse since I was drawing on the back to prevent pencil marks.)

A few hole punches and one ribbon later, the banner was complete!

I also made a giant cupcake cake - like I did for our New Year's Eve party.  This time, I used white cake mix and raspberry filling and added pink food coloring and raspberry extract to the buttercream icing.  Easter-colored M&Ms were the final touch.

Scott's mom made a diaper "cake" as well as a lot of delicious food.

Bloody Mary or mimosa, anyone?

After spotting adorable pom-pom decorations online, I passed the idea along... she ordered them from Sweet & Savvy Designs.  (The large size was very big, so she hung a few smaller ones and used a big one as a centerpiece for the dessert table.)

And guests could doodle and decorate onesies of all sizes while the mom-to-be opened gifts.

Time for me to get some rest... another busy week ahead!


  1. What a great idea creaing one of kind onesies! Love all the charm of this party...and the giant cupcake. YUM!

  2. This is so adorable!!! It turned out so cute!

  3. this is amazing, melissa! you should plan parties!!

    thanks for your sweet excited to start planning!



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