Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's a Balancing Act

We all have a lot going on in life.  I feel like the most common response to the question "How are things?" has to be "Good but BUSY!"  Besides the occasional moment here and there or the rare vacation escape, is life ever not busy?

In reading the blog Makeunder My Life, I have not only discovered a ton of inspiration for living a life of intention, but I have also had the chance to connect with a bunch of cool people recently.  Jess of Makeunder My Life has developed a community of "Midnight Hustlers" - people who are working full-time while pursuing other dreams in their free time. 

I feel like writing - whether it's through blogging, grad school assignments or freelance work - is (and always has been) what I truly enjoy. With the start of Melrose Street Custom Content, I joined the group of Midnight Hustlers and have really enjoyed exchanging emails with a few fellow writers.  We share a lot of the same fears and frustrations, as well as many of the same dreams for the future.  Even when it comes to people who have different goals (everything from graphic design to jewelry, owning a boutique to restoring furniture), it is inspiring to see how we can relate to and learn from one another.

This week, I could really understand where Bethany of She Writes and Rights is coming from (plus I was so happy to see her mention of my post on the book Writing Down the Bones!).  It is true, sometimes you face a couple different paths you can take but you come to realize that neither one is easy.  Failure is an ongoing fear.  Uncertainties and questions surface on a daily basis.  But as Bethany has learned:

"We have to keep in mind the journey and not just the destination. We have to be willing to ask, how will I get there? And we have to be willing to go the distance."

For me, being extremely busy can be stressful... but if I am doing what I love and spending time with people I love, maybe "busy" is a very good thing.

A snapshot from Vegas - September 2010
(a brief but relaxing vacation from the busyness of life!)


  1. Thanks for the mention, Melissa! This week has been one of the busiest in my life but it's a sweet surprise to find all the supportive comments and all of the kindred spirits I keep coming in contact with! :)


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