Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Etsy Purchase - EeeBee & Jack: Happily Ever After

The kitchen is the last room in our condo that needs to be repainted.  Patches of the walls already have the new paint color on them, but with all the cabinets and nooks and crannies, we have put off completing the project.  Despite the work-in-progress paint job, I recently bought a cute print to hang on the wall.  I spotted it while browsing Sherry from Young House Love's Pinterest and had to have it... the saying, the color, and the font were just right.
from Eeebee & Jack's Etsy shop
This adorable print is from EeeBee & Jack on Etsy (you can customize the color, or pick out another fun quote).  The mix of vintage and modern works well, and I love how it complements the other turquoise-and-white items in our kitchen. Plus, it's a little bit cheesy but true... this is our happily ever after.

Our print in a white frame

How cute is the card enclosure?
Front: You are my happy.
Back: (give this card to someone you just adore.)
*sorry for the poor picture quality
Here's a little peek at some of the items in our kitchen... can't wait to hang up the new print!
Pardon the mess...
Decor above the kitchen cabinets/the soffit
(the lights and little tiles supporting the bowl aren't visible from the ground)


  1. Love the new print! Your condo has really turned out adorable. Can't wait to see it in person.


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