Sunday, April 3, 2011

Etsy Purchase - Honey Pie Design

What a week... and weekend!  Classes started up again, so I'm excited to find out what this quarter has in store for me.  I think it will be challenging, but in a strange way, I love taking on just a little too much (surprise, surprise).  Maybe it's the sense of accomplishment that comes after I complete a big project or a tough course.  At any rate, I'll be mastering grammar and style rules, as well as writing a novella-length story over the next several weeks!

In the midst of my busy week, a package arrived from Honey Pie Design.  I had recently ordered two throw pillows for our bed, one with a monogram letter and the other with a chevron pattern, and couldn't wait to receive them.  Lana, the talent behind Honey Pie Design, worked with me to modify the size of monogram pillow from the standard 12x12 to 15x15 in order to match the chevron one I wanted.  She was also nice enough to send multiple pictures of the color to show the true shade since the "teal" I chose was a tricky one to photograph and view digitally.  (Just saw Honey Pie Design was included in Inc. Magazine's cover story about Etsy too!)

A view of the back of one pillow
The pillows add a great modern touch with the brighter turquoise color that complements our bedding set.  I think I need one more larger pillow to round out the collection (Scott has a tough time understanding why we need decorative pillows... haha) and at that point, I will have to decide if the round roll pillow still works.

In other home improvement news, we painted the second bedroom last weekend so it is now the same color as our master bedroom.  It is unbelievable how much bigger and brighter the second bedroom looks now that it's not half dark green/half light brown (believe it or not, the trim was painted red... we'll be replacing it soon!).  Scott's parents also came to the condo today so his dad could add some trim to our kitchen cabinets to hide the under-cabinet lighting.  It's great to have the home updates moving again!

I want to think summer is not too far away after the warmer weather we had the past couple days.  Feeling the sun on my face while I hung out on the porch of my best friend's new apartment and while I walked along the lake path made me so ready for summer barbeques and warm sunshine.  Hope you all enjoyed the weekend... it always passes too quickly! 

P.S. Our book club meeting was postponed until next month since this book is a longer one and everyone was super busy the past couple weeks.  I am almost done with Cutting for Stone... a really interesting story and once you get into it, definitely a page-turner!


  1. Cute! John doesn't understand the necessity of pillows either.

  2. It looks great... although that "T" should be an "S"!! :)

  3. love the chevron pattern and great color!


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