Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chicago Bachelorette Bash

On Saturday, a group of us girls celebrated C's last few weeks of being a bachelorette.  Not only was it a gorgeous summer day, but we ate and drank our way through the afternoon at places that were (mostly) new to me.

I love exploring Chicago's bars and restaurants, especially when the sun is shining, the food is yummy, and the company is fabulous.  Here's a peek into where we went...

First stop: Brunch/lunch at Revolution Brewing

We shared some bacon fat popcorn.

Passion fruit bellini... and coffee, of course.

Awesome lighting and tin ceiling.

I had the quiche, which features rotating seasonal ingredients (this one was a take on a chicken pot pie!).

Time for gifts!

Second stop: Drinks (outside and then inside) at Boiler Room

Pretty outdoor space.

Fun "lottery" game (with prizes!).

The whole group!

The bride-to-be with a treat... Jameson-flavored ice cream.

The CTA-train-inspired bathroom (this view is from the inside, looking out).

Lovely ladies.

The name of this drink, when translated, included the word "butt"... but it tasted just fine.

Third stop: Appetizers (and more drinks) at Tavern

A quick hop on the L.

Waiting for the train.

More eating and drinking.

A drink for the bachelorette.

Last stop: Dinner and dessert at Mindy's Hot Chocolate

Another chance to win!

Pretty pink drink called "Paris to Milan."

Unfortunately, I didn't get a snapshot of the food we ordered (lots of the most delicious mac-and-cheese + veggie sides) or the dessert (a skillet souffle and a red velvet cake). 

But needless to say, we had a great time celebrating with Miss C. before she becomes Mrs. H!


  1. what a fun weekend!! and perfect weather for jetting around town :)


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