Thursday, June 14, 2012

Working from Home

It's been about three weeks since my last day of nannying.  Since then, I've been working from home... although it's only been one week since grad school wrapped up.  This whole working-from-home thing is still very new.

Today was a little different.  I had an in-person meeting at a marketing firm downtown this morning.  So I dressed in professional clothing and set off for the 'L' with my portfolio in hand.  It felt good.  And the meeting went well (from what I could tell!) so that's a plus.

I created a portfolio of my work this week in anticipation of today's meeting.  It's cool to flip through and see what I've written all in one place... hard copies that I can touch, not just click to read like the writing samples on my website.

That iced coffee looks gigantic, but it's normal-sized, I promise... just in the foreground :)

Lunchtime and the afternoon find me back at my desk.  I love to surround myself with pretty, colorful things.  Inspiration within reach at all times.

My sister A. gave me this cute pencil cup for graduation...
and the fun writing utensils were a gift from the family I nannied for.

Motivation + decoration... postcards from Kate Spade and Jess LC

I'm still adjusting to my new lifestyle... or "workstyle" if you will.  It's nice to have the flexibility, but with that freedom comes responsibility.  The success of my business is totally up to me.  I find myself thinking, Is this real life?  Is this really my job?!  It's exciting.  It's scary.  It feels right.

Those of you who work from home: any helpful tips to share?

Logos make everything look more legit... right?


  1. Get your routine together and do your best to stick to it. All the very best. It gives you a sense of"I am at work five days a week."

  2. I ran my own business from home for 13 years while my kids were young.

    Set hours that you will work and do not work just a little longer or you will end up putting in 10 to 12 hour days.

    Keep your weekends free - otherwise, you will never have a sense of rest.

    Maintain your office space and do not allow anything non-work related into it and don't allow your work stuff into your personal space.

    If you have any distractions - kids or animals - make sure if you take business calls on your phone you know how to get to mute immediately. This will help if the dog starts barking or the kids are crying when you are on a call.

    Put a little money away with each check you receive so that you can afford to take a yearly vacation - otherwise you will never take a break.

  3. Thanks for the helpful advice!


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