Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Hallway Photo Gallery

We have a hallway that runs through our condo from the main living space in the front to the kitchen and our bedroom in the back.  Along the way, there are doors to the second bedroom, bathroom and hall closet.  The hall is not straight; it has a little fork to the left.  We love it.

With all the blank walls and cool track lighting, the hallway was practically begging for us to create a gallery of framed photos... a little journey through our favorite memories, if you will.  But I didn't want it to be too matchy-matchy or... well, perfect.  I envisioned lots of different frames in golds and browns.  And I wanted it to look like it was built over time (which in reality, it was... we put most of the pictures up last year but we hung the rest just recently).

So we printed some fun photos in 4x6 and 8x10 sizes, popped them into frames from Michael's and Marshall's, and then laid them out and hung them without overthinking it.  It might be one of the few times in my life that I wasn't a total perfectionist.  And I think it turned out pretty okay!

To give you a little tour of our gallery, I took a few pictures (including the one above)... but they didn't really do it justice.  So I pulled out my Flip video camera from years ago, replaced the batteries, and captured a quick video for you all.  (FYI, the blank space to the right of the closet door is open for another larger portrait to balance out the black-and-white wedding photo on the left wall.)

Please don't mind our creaky floors making background noise.  And no, I didn't narrate because it's just weird to hear your voice recorded.  Maybe another time...


  1. love the gallery wall! the placement is great and i love the frames don't match. we're trying to create something similar on a couple of our walls, but i feel like i'm putting too much emphasis on everything looking perfectly spaced.

  2. Thank you! We just eye-balled the spacing. As long as things aren't way off, you can always scoot them around a little (and hide the holes behind the frame!). It's not perfect but it looks...real, you know?


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