Monday, June 11, 2012

Party Time... Happy Graduation!

As of this weekend, I'm officially finished with grad school (!!!).  Since the actual ceremony was scheduled for Sunday morning at 8 am outside the city (ugh), I decided a party at our place would be a more fun way to celebrate.

Family and friends came over on Saturday.  The party was "BYOM" (bring your own meat)... so we fired up the grill and dished up dips, sides and desserts.  Thanks to everyone who brought food to share!

Our porch was full throughout the evening, we had a total of three babies and a puppy in attendance, and I sipped champagne most of the night.  (Those of you who gifted me with bottles of bubbly know me well... you're awesome.)  It was so great to hang out and celebrate with everyone who has supported me through the last two years.

A big thank you goes to the one guy who has dealt with all of my late nights of paper writing, weekends full of homework, evening classes, stacks of books, and stressed-out moments... my wonderful hubby.

Of course, here's a peek at our party spread...

Recipes: cheeseball, 7-layer dip, artichoke-jalapeno dip, oatmeal carmelitas, Reese's bars

Thanks to: my mom for baking and shipping the chocolate cake & to Scott's parents for bringing fruit, cheese, and cookies!

In case you were curious about the tray on our coffee table above, here's a close-up I snapped a week or two ago while we were savoring some margs.  This fun little item is from Target (only $24.99!)... and it was the inspiration for my feature on Glitter Guide today, a round-up of seven pretty trays that will instantly organize your home.


  1. Congratulations. I wish you all the very best and God's best with everything. Off to read your feature!

  2. Congratulations, friend! All of the food looks delicious -- especially the desserts! My weakness :) And the tray is too cute.


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