Friday, September 30, 2011

One Step at a Time

Sometimes when things seem overwhelming, I focus on taking one step at a time.  When my calendar is booked back-to-back all week or all month, I try to view it one day--or even one hour--at a time.  What do I have to do right now?  What's immediate?  Everything at once is just intimidating... but one thing at a time is manageable and provides small victories along the way.  I can think, I completed something. I checked something off my list. I did one small thing.

This approach can apply to many aspects of life--work, home, school.  When you are working to accomplish a large project, each step is a step forward, a step closer to the end goal (even if it feels like a step back sometimes!).  Tonight, I was looking around at our condo and noticing all the little things.  Although I feel like making updates to the condo is a never-ending project, we've done A LOT since moving in: painting, furnishing, decorating, and most importantly, just living--really making it our own.

The condo is still a work-in-progress, but the room that feels the most "done" (is it ever truly done?) is our master bedroom.  We recently hung some pictures we took during our travels to Europe.  (Scott snapped the one on the left while studying abroad in Spain, and I took the two on the right while visiting Ireland with two girlfriends from high school.)  It's amazing how hanging pictures or frames or anything on the walls can make a room feel so much cozier.  Anyway, I'll let these images speak for themselves...those little details really add up to something--in this case, our home.

For reference, this is the "before" picture of our master bedroom, taken on our first day as homeowners.  Brown walls (yes, that's a dark brown accent wall), bedside lamps on the wall, mirrored closet doors, flimsy trim and baseboards... we've come a long way, baby.

And now let's focus in a bit... to really take a look at the small details, the things I love, the "one step at a time" of this process.

Lacquered boxes: HomeGoods
Candles and candlesticks: HomeGoods and Marshall's
Pillow: HomeGoods
Lamp: HomeGoods; bedside table: Pier 1
Gold pillow: Sears; Turquoise & white pillows: Honey Pie Design
Mirror: HomeGoods
Containers: HomeGoods

Candlestick: HomeGoods most likely
(thanks, Mom... you've passed on your addiction!)
Frames on right: Michael's
You might recall the updated campaign dressers, the DIY upholstered headboard, the vintage leather armchair from Chic Antique, or those turquoise and white pillows, an Etsy purchase from Honey Pie Design.  So I suppose I revealed some of the small victories along the way...

After this bedroom tour, I think it's nearing my own bedtime.  So glad it's Friday.  In the mindset of "one step at a time," I plan to treasure each moment of this relaxing fall weekend.  Hope you all do too!


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