Sunday, September 25, 2011

Make-Ahead Meals: Week 5 Recap

Yes, this is my Week Five recap... though it's really been three weeks since my last Make-Ahead Meals post.  During that period, I've had time to try two new meals.  Once the Labor Day weekend was over, my calendar kicked into high gear, hence the lack of dinner-making.  Between getting home late from class two nights a week, some weekend meals out and a trip to South Bend last weekend for the ND game, these Make-Ahead Meals were stuck in the freezer a bit longer.

Explanations aside, I've got two scrumptious meals to share.  (And just wait until my next--and final--Make-Ahead Meals post... a fun twist is in store!)

Warm Chicken Salad
Building block: pulled chicken
(This recipe calls for arugula, but we were out of any type of salad or lettuce, so Scott kindly picked up a bag of what was available at the corner Walgreens...)

Pork Chilaquiles
Building blocks: pulled pork and tomato sauce

This meal went really well with a marg!
Good news: the full collection of Make-Ahead Meal recipes is available online.  Find all the recipes and ingredients for the building blocks and 20 meals at Every Day with Rachael Ray's site.

*I'll be updating past posts with recipe-specific links for easy access to ingredients and step-by-step instructions--so you can make any and all of these meals yourself!


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