Monday, June 6, 2011

One Year Down, Forever to Go

Scott and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary yesterday (and the fourth anniversary of our very first date!).  At the start of our fun weekend at Notre Dame, we renewed our vows, along with other couples who were celebrating many more years of marriage.  Certainly an inspiration!  When we got back to Chicago yesterday--our actual anniversary date--we shared a lowkey evening, digging into the top tier of our wedding cake and watching a little of our ceremony video.  Considering the cake was a year old and survived a flight from Kansas City, it wasn't too bad... we each had a few bites!

Wedding cake - June 5, 2010
Wedding cake - June 5, 2011

Ever the thoughtful husband, Scott surprised me with tickets to see Tim McGraw this summer and a lovely pair of amethyst earrings.  Jewelry in my favorite color... can't go wrong.  His sister had brought the stones back from her travels around the world months ago, and the little jewels were begging to be set into posts... I was so happy to see the finished product and obviously had to wear them to work today.  And his card was equal parts hilarious and romantic (just like Scott...ha).  There is no one I would rather spend forever with...


  1. Aww congrats! My hubs and I will celebrate our second anniversary on August, 8.


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