Thursday, June 2, 2011

College Reunion!

There's nothing like reuniting with your closest friends--those who knew you in college, stood by you through any kind of drama and fun, and were there all hours of the day and night.  The classes, the parties, the late-night studying, the soul-baring discussions, or the hilarious antics... over those four years, we grew up together.  We had increased freedom but didn't have to deal with the real-world responsibilities yet.  Apart from our families, we became our own little family.

This weekend is my five-year college reunion.  I truly can't believe it's been five years since graduation.  I've been fortunate enough to stay in close touch with many of my friends from college with numerous celebrations, football games, weddings, bachelorette festivities, and weekend visits.  But being on campus, staying in the dorms, and spending time with a large part of the Class of 2006 again... it makes the whole thing a little more like the college days we all treasure.  I'm ready to make some new memories (and now we have a lot of great husbands, fiances, and boyfriends around to join us too!).

Plus my parents will be there for their 30-year reunion...  They got married a week after graduation, so they recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary too.  How amazing is that?


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