Sunday, May 15, 2011

Look Good and Feel Good, Weekend Edition

Sometimes the weekends feel just as hectic and jam-packed as the weekdays.  Maybe that's because I think of the weekends as "free time" and then keep adding items to my Saturday and Sunday to-do list.  I usually barely get out of pajamas or workout clothes, unless we are going out at night.  Or if I have lots of fun lined up, I end up overindulging to make up for the stress of the week, and Sunday night finds me worn out and the opposite of relaxed.

Two recent articles reminded me how to savor my downtime and make the most of those two days off each week.  Shape's May issue shares tips on how to "Lose Weight this Weekend" while still enjoying happy hour, shopping, the movies, dining out, brunch, and TV marathons--you know, all those opportunities to cancel out your hard work at the gym and dedication to eating right.
By making smart choices, it is possible to have fun and feel good doing it.  Here's a peek at the tips you can find in Shape:
1) Happy Hour: Opt for a tart, spicy, or strongly flavored beverage (you'll sip more slowly).  Position yourself away from the snacks and order an appetizer or meal to prevent mindless munching.

2) Shopping: Rather than fall victim to the food court, stash a snack in your bag.  Or if you need to grab lunch, just pick a restaurant that allows you to build your own meal.  Stick to lean protein and steamed veggies.

3) Movies: BYO treats or split a small popcorn or some dark chocolate with a friend.
4) Dining Out: Choose dishes with names that denote a healthy cooking method: au jus (cooked in broth), braised, broiled, baked, and grilled.  Or share, since most entrees are larger than a single serving.

5) Brunch: Eat a piece of fruit and some lowfat yogurt first thing in the a.m. to curb your hunger beforehand.  If you are facing a brunch buffet, scan the spread and select two or three things that look really good.  And remember that eggs keep you fuller than starchier breakfast staples like bagels or waffles.

6) TV Marathon: Reinvent your Sunday by scheduling a fun, calorie-torching activity, like a hike, bike ride, or a beach volleyball game with friends.  Or try a new class at the gym or workout DVD at home.
So what about looking good?  I would love to be the person who jumps out of bed and into the shower, actually getting dressed for the day.  But in the meantime, I can dream about these fashionable outfits, tailored for each weekend occasion.  Thank you to the May issue of InStyle for the inspiration... 
The "Your Look: Instant Style" section hits on all my favorite activities: grabbing lattes, hitting the gym, strolling the farmers market, running errands, walking the dog (if I had one), recovering over brunch.  Too bad I don't look nearly as fashion-forward as these pages, but hey, wouldn't it be nice?  Happy weekend to you all!


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