Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Writing and Reading

I've had a long-time love affair with reading. I devoured chapter books from an early age, stayed up late reading by flashlight, got in trouble for bringing books to the dinner table, and have spent hours in libraries and bookstores. And while I didn't usually mind reading for school (um, I ended up with an English major), summer was the ideal season for catching up on pleasure reading.

These days, I no longer have required reading, but I like to dive into a mix of genres. Lately, I've been craving business and baby-related books, along with a few novels and essay collections. And keeping up with my book club adds even more diversity to my reading rotation.

Inspired by the season, Sarah and I have chosen "summer reading" as July's Create.Compose.Communicate newsletter theme. Since the first newsletter of the month goes out on July 4th, we have a fun message planned for our subscribers in honor of the holiday.

And in the weeks after that, we'll be discussing our favorite writing books, as well as how we read and keep track of all the great information we find, where we discover new picks and recommendations, and what we've experienced while reading in community.

It's no secret: Reading good writing can make you a better writer.

If you're not a subscriber yet, sign up today! Our first July newsletter will arrive in inboxes tomorrow (Thursday).

P.S. Thanks for sticking around and reading along, even though my posting here has been sporadic at best. I'm wrapping up a bunch of writing projects and getting ready for Baby's arrival (six weeks till my due date!)... but don't worry, I'll still be checking in from time to time.


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