Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter at Home

It was so good to be home.  Dorothy was right... there's no place like it.

watched J. play at nationals with the Notre Dame club volleyball team
spent two hours in Forever21 on our (7th?) annual shopping spree
went to the Bristol for seafood (I had the special: crab-stuffed shrimp!)
enjoyed coffee and conversation with high school friends
dyed Easter eggs
did a little bit of homework
shared olives and wine with Scott on the screened-in porch
attended Easter Vigil Mass
found our baskets full of chocolate and jelly beans
ate lots of homemade food
drank coffee and wine and Bailey's (separately...usually)
celebrated J's 21st and my grandpa's 80th birthdays (Guinness cake with Bailey's icing for J. and rainbow cake in mason jars for Pop)
watched "The Help"
laughed and cried and laughed together.

My "floaty sping skirt"... with a brand new top from Forever21


  1. Yes, Melissa- there is no place like home! I loved having everyone together.


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