Monday, February 13, 2012

New Shoes to Brighten the Winter Blahs

Christmas was good to me as far as expanding my shoe collection.  I've been wanting to share my new additions ever since!

These babies have certainly put a spring in my step, even if there's a dusting of snow on the ground.  Between trudging to nannying at 6 am or to class at 6 pm, walking to meet friends for a night out or arm-in-arm to dinner with the hubby, I've found many occasions to wear my new shoes.

I'm that girl...who plans outfits around her shoe selection, who hates taking her shoes off at the front door of a house party (come on, they make the outfit!), who will brave a little cold or a little pain for fashion (though in my old age, I am becoming a lot less tolerant).

Yes, please don't judge... I did get five new pairs of shoes... from Santa and my parents and my in-laws.  I guess I was a good girl last year.  And hey, at least most of these were super-awesome deals.

Which style is your favorite?

Franco Sarto Patriot Riding Boot (mine were about half price at Off Broadway Shoes in Kansas)

Charlotte Russe leopard loafers for $22.50 (love it!)... unfortunately, no longer available online

TOMS Black Glitters

Hot Kiss faux-fur trimmed wedges from Famous Footwear

Michael Shannon wedge ankle-high boots from Off Broadway Shoes


  1. I LOVE THIS BLOG POST! I still need to do one ha

  2. Melissa, they're all beautiful. Love the leopard loafers the most. Wish they were still available! What a steal!

  3. Thanks, ladies! Sounds like the leopard loafers are coming out as the favorite :)

  4. I love them all, but those Michael Shannon boots are making me drooool. Also, those faux-fur boots are hott. :)

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  6. All the pics shown in this blog are so nice. i like all the boots but the large one is definitely a good one.


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