Friday, July 29, 2011

Pretty, Girly Tops

I love lace, flowers, purple... anything pretty and girly.  On my day off today, I finally spent a Banana Republic gift card from Christmas--and I was in luck since the store was also offering a 40% off sale. 

In addition to a lovely pair of drop earrings that are not pictured on the BN site (a mix of gold, turquoise beads, and tiny pearls)... here's what I bought--which thanks to the gift card and sales only cost me $57.  [If I ever snap a good picture of these earrings, I'll add them to the post... so cute!]

Lace Overlay Shell
via Banana Republic
Sally Floral Blouse
via Banana Republic
Scarlet Lace Cami
via Banana Republic


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