Wednesday, July 27, 2011

40th Wedding Anniversary, 1970s Style

Wow, the past month has flown by!  Back at the end of June, Scott and his sister threw their parents a surprise party to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary.  Since they were married in 1971, the theme was reminiscent of the times.  A disco ball,  fog machine, retro clothes and big wigs...  His parents were completely surprised and all 65 to 70 party people had a groovy time!

(I totally wore this dress again today!)

The credit really goes to Scott, his sister and their helpers who set up the food, drinks and decorations while we were out to dinner with the guests of honor (pictured above).  My contribution to the party... a fun banner!  Much like the "tickled pink" baby girl banner, I used cardstock, scrapbook paper, and ribbon to make this colorful sign.

For some wise words on marriage from the happy couple, check out my post "29, 39, 54 Years of Marriage"...  Congratulations, Arnie and Pat, on 40 years!


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