Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finals Week and St. Patrick's Day

While my high school and college-aged sisters are relishing spring break (in Mexico and Florida respectively), I am experiencing finals week.  (I'm not a bit jealous, can't you tell?) So please accept my apology for this slight interruption in blog posts... and don't forget to enjoy some green beer tomorrow.  On the evening of March 17 this year, I will be at my computer, wrapping up my 20-page research paper.  I don't mean to whine... trust me, I am very happy I made the choice to go back to school.  I just wanted to say hello and let you all know I would rather be blogging about something fun at this moment... or reading our book club selection and my growing stack of magazines!

Books, notebook, laptop, cell phone, lemonade, candy...
all the essential study materials
Candy has been my "fuel" of choice in the evenings lately.  Coffee late at night prevents me from passing out as soon as my head meets the pillow... something I need to happen in order to get through the next day at work.  Perhaps tomorrow a festive glass of something will be in order though... both to celebrate St. Patrick's Day (after all, I'm half-Irish and an ND grad) and to toast the completion of this massive paper (due at midnight tomorrow... less than 26 hours away). Cheers!
St. Patrick's Day 2007... my roommates and I hosted the day's festivities,
complete with a keg of green beer and lots of pizza

St. Patrick's Day 2008... E's apartment,
where a makeshift beer pong table provided lots of entertainment
(and yes, those tights are dark green!)


  1. Hopefully the luck of the Irish was with you during your finals! And we'll patiently wait for your next post.

  2. PS - I usually read through Google Reader and just noticed the updated banner. Nice work!

  3. Yes! I submitted the paper with an hour to spare :) Thanks for all the comments - I love it! Glad to hear you like the banner too...


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