Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Gift for Your "Girls"

I once received a gift inscribed with the quote: "Friends are like bras - close to your heart and there for support."  It's funny but true.  As Valentine's Day draws near, whether you are single or in a relationship, lingerie is one small thing that can put a spring in your step.  It can be that sexy secret hidden under your clothes, only evident in the extra confidence you exude all day long.  It can combine form and function in one little pretty piece of material.  It's time for a little girl talk...

A couple years ago, I discovered Intimacy, an intimate-apparel store, where I was fitted for a bra.  As noted in the March issue of Women's Health, a professional bra fitter is one "expert" that you may not realize you need.  Eighty percent of women over the age of 18 are wearing the wrong bra size.  When I went to Intimacy, the girly store was full of all styles and sizes (A to K cup), and the ladies working there are pros.  If you are a little shy, liken your visit to going to the doctor's office.  They have seen it all.  The bras at the store are mostly European and fairly expensive, but the right fit is priceless - and the actual fitting is truly free.
I learned that most women typically wear a band size that is too large.  By moving down in band size, a woman typically has to move up in cup size to compensate.  The true test is that the band should be the most supportive part (while it is on the last, widest clasp so you can tighten the bra as the elastic naturally stretches over time); the straps only supply a small amount of support and keep everything aligned.  So if you are depending on your straps to hold things up and the band does not fit evenly against and around your body, the right fit could change all of that.  The pro bra fitters at Intimacy also explained the best way to put on a bra (it involves bending at the waist and manually adjusting where necessary - who knew, right?) and the best way to wash your lingerie so it will last (use a special powder that is easier on the elastic and always air dry).  All kinds of tricks and tips!

After I was properly fit, I felt better.  I even got a strapless bra that does not move.  And as the ladies at Intimacy told me - and showed me - a properly-fitting bra can make you look up to 10 pounds thinner.  How else can you lose weight in seconds?  By bringing everything into the right place, a correctly sized bra streamlines and supports your body.  Taking care of your "girls" will help keep them happy and perky for years to come too.  Even if you don't live near an Intimacy shop, I highly recommend visiting a boutique that specializes in bra fitting.  It can truly change how you feel and look.  (I am not being compensated or given anything for highlighting Intimacy, just wanted to share my own story.)

Okay... enough girl talk for tonight... even if this does bring back good memories of Sunday night talks in college - right, ladies? ;)

Have a happy Valentine's Day and let the ones you love know how much they mean to you.  As Scott and I remind one another from time to time, even when life gets a little crazy, just love...


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