Monday, August 16, 2010

Walking by Water

Today's weather was beautiful, nothing like the humid and unbearably hot days we have had lately.  The sun was out but the temperature was refreshing, that exact point where you don't feel too hot or too cold.  I decided to take advantage of the nice day and walk outside.  I didn't have music, just my sneakers and the crunch of the path underneath them (and some really cute Lululemon pants).  It was inspiring to see so many runners and walkers of all shapes and sizes, moving through the park and along the lake.  In a couple magazines I have read lately, I learned of a study that found that people felt happier after only five minutes of being active outside - and doing so alongside a body of water boosted the happiness effect.  During my walk today, I experienced this rush and walked further than I had first planned.  The sunshine and nature surrounding me lifted my spirits and gave me energy.  It's tough to get going sometimes, but I am planning to enjoy every last day of this Chicago summer.

Lake Michigan and Chicago skyline - photo by my hubby Scott, 2008


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