Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Sangria

My mom will be visiting this weekend.  I am really excited to have her around since my parents don't get to Chicago too often.  Last time my whole family was in town (Mom, Dad, and four younger sisters) was for my bachelorette weekend, so I am pretty sure this coming weekend with Mom will be more low-key.  In anticipation, Scott and I cleaned the condo, I attempted to unpack the last boxes/piles of my clothes (yes, I moved in two months ago), and... I made sangria. 

My mom always bakes and cooks up a storm for any visitors, so to show her some hospitality, I wanted to make something special.  I recently found this recipe for Rosé Sangria in the July/August issue of Women's Health.  Since I had a bottle of rosé wine on hand, the time seemed right.  It was so easy - I even caught up with a good friend from high school over the phone while I made it (we joked how we are so "old" now).  Here is the recipe and a picture of the finished product.  (By the way, I had to have a taste to preview - delicious but very sweet!)

1 lemon
1 lime
1 cup agave syrup
1 bottle rosé wine
1 bunch mint (I trimmed off the stems and chopped the bunch a couple times)
15 strawberries (I cut them into fourths)
20 raspberries
20 blueberries (I used a little more since they are smaller)
20 blackberries

Syrup: Cut up lemon and lime, then combine in a jar with agave and 1 cup boiling water.  Let cool; strain.  (I sliced the lemon and lime into a few slices and tossed the agave syrup and the fruit slices into the boiling water, just stirring everything in the pot.)

Sangria: Mix syrup, wine, mint, and berries in a pitcher.  Serve over ice and garnish each glass with a few berries.

Makes 6 servings; calories per serving: 180


  1. Tried it and loved it. The perfect blend of flavor and fruit. Love my wife's new recipe!

  2. Can you send some down South please??? It looks very color and fruity - perfect for the summer!

  3. After a busy week of moving one of Melissa's younger sisters into her college apartment, I arrived in Chicago Friday night and was greeted with a delicious glass of sangria. Just what i needed and to be honest had a second one! Ha. Loved the fruit in it. Loved being with you and the condo looks wonderful!


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