Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Nursery Reveal

Here's the long-overdue nursery reveal!

I took these photos pre-baby, but we've found that the layout works really well now that we're actually using it. We're constantly trying to make the most of our space, tucking things in the drawers, under-crib storage, changing table baskets, and "overflow" corner of the room.

Many of the accessories are from HomeGoods/TJMaxx/Marshall's. The bedding and mobile are from Pottery Barn Kids (we later added white black-out curtains from PBK too). And the rug is from Rugs USA. If you are curious about sources for anything specific, just ask!

The final result is functional and cute... if I say so myself! What do you think?

Family wedding pictures -- we displayed these at our wedding reception in 2010!


  1. LOVE this, Melissa! I've always been a fan of furniture that grows with the kiddo and with the family too! The changing table my sister and I used became a dresser in our rooms growing up . . . and today, my mom and dad use it as a buffet/side table in their dining room!

    One of my best friends has a changing table she painted ORANGE -- it looks so cool and I thought it would be a fun bar cart when her baby is no longer in diapers. It looks almost exactly like yours and so maybe you could do something similar :)

  2. Great idea, Sarah! If we had a bit more space, I would have chosen a dresser, rather than an actual changing table, since that's easier to repurpose... but a bar cart could be cute!


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