Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How Writing is a Lot like Love

I've been in a relationship with writing since I was about four years old.

We've had our ups and downs along the way, like any long-term relationship. There were times when I filled journals and papers and Word documents with words and other times when I didn't write for months at a time.

Writing is a lot like love, a lot like a relationship that requires effort and commitment. But the rewards are great.

Sometimes writing is just an everyday thing, a commitment, like running errands or making dinner. And other times, it feels new and inspired and sparkly, like a great date or a good conversation. It's both familiar and not.

Writing frustrates me sometimes. I can't get the ideas in my head into words. I can't express how I feel exactly right. I can't get my point across as eloquently as I would like.

Writing exhilarates me too. When the words come together easily and clearly and it just feels right, I find joy.

A bridesmaid's bouquet from our wedding.

This month, Sarah and I will be sharing inspiration to help you cultivate your own relationship with writing... so February's theme for our Create.Compose.Communicate newsletters is fall in love with writing.

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Check out Sarah's blog, Inspiration-Driven Life, for her thoughts on this month's theme.


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