Friday, May 18, 2012

Need Help? Just Ask

I still can't get over what happened yesterday.  I posted a message on my personal Facebook profile and also decided to use the "invite"  feature on my business Facebook page, encouraging my friends to lend their support and "like" my page.

You see, I'll be done (done! finished! graduation, diploma, the whole shebang!) with grad school in about three weeks.  Let's not discuss how much needs to get done between now and then...  And nannying will be over after next week (aww, I'll miss spending time with my little buddy).

Once that all happens, it's just me and Melrose Street Custom Content... which is super exciting.

So I was hoping to gain some new followers, both to motivate me to keep working hard (have to have something to post about!) and to spread the word.  I admit, I was a little nervous, especially when it came to reaching out to people I don't talk to very often or perhaps haven't had contact with in years.  Good ol' Facebook, right?

I was overwhelmed with the response.

In about 24 hours, I went from 69 followers to 112.

I realize this is a small example, and what I asked people to do was basically click a button online.  But it also reminded me that when we need help, we don't need to keep it to ourselves.  We don't need to struggle through things and try to do everything on our own. 

We can receive help and love and support... simply by asking.  For little things, for big things, and everything in between.  It doesn't mean we're weak...  To ask for help requires strength too.

Often, I may know a friend or family member is going through a tough time or having a bad day, but I don't always know how to help them.  If they can tell me what they need and ask for a favor, I'd be willing to do it.  I'd be happy to help.  And I'm sure when my time came around, they would do the same for me.

Now, this whole "ask for help" thing must be used wisely.  No abusing the system...  But I'm not alone, you're not alone, and we really can be there for each other. 

If you need help, ask.


  1. This is an area I struggle in.I still do. I'm not sure if it is pride or feeling embarrassed that I need help, or a mixture of both.

    Lord, help me. lol

    All the best as you dive deeply into freelancing.

  2. Thanks, I'm a little nervous and very excited... full of questions and ideas. Can't wait to see where things go!


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