Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breakfast with Martha Stewart

I spent some time this morning with a cup of coffee and Martha Stewart's new book, Martha's Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations.  It is a beautiful 432-page collection of a year's worth of entertaining occasions, all parties Martha has personally hosted.

The photography brings each gathering to life, but what I really love is reading Martha's commentary--the background, the guests, the origin of the food (much of which came from her own farm), and the history of the decor.  It's like a peek inside her life!  She covers a range of holiday meals and impromptu celebrations, providing inspiration for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between.

The real highlight of this post though... I actually had the opportunity to have breakfast with Martha Stewart yesterday--yes, the Martha Stewart.  I don't like to talk in too much detail about my full-time gig, but this breakfast was a spectacular moment made possible through my job as a magazine advertising buyer.  And given the subject matter I cover here in my blog, I had to share this experience with you all!

I was among 40 or so people at the breakfast, which took place at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel.  We gathered around a very long table, set with brown tablecloths and small arrangements of fall flowers and gourds.  It was surreal to see and hear Martha in real life, to witness someone I have seen on TV and online and in magazines truly come to life.  It amazes me how much she does (she was off to Kansas City later in the day, her next stop on the book tour) and how great she looks too!  (I hope I'm still wearing 4-inch platform stilettos at 70 years old...)

After Martha spoke a few gracious words, we all settled into breakfast...  I chose the popover entree, which is also featured in her new book.  What a wonderful way to begin a very long Friday!

Doesn't this page look good enough to eat?  My breakfast looked just like this and tasted delicious!


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