Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friends and Followers

It's been a good weekend, a nice mix of relaxation and activity. Yesterday was Scott's 29th birthday (happy birthday to my favorite guy!), so we celebrated by having dinner at Gibson's on Friday night with his family and then going to the Bulls game with a whole group of friends last night.  Throughout the weekend, I got to catch up with lots of people - my work ladies during happy hour on Friday, Scott's family, our Chicago crew, and a few Notre Dame friends.

I drank wine, ate delicious food (steak/twice-baked potato/carrot cake, homemade blueberry-banana pancakes, beers/hot dog/nachos, quiche/french toast/latte at brunch, BBQ chicken pizza), wrote the beginning of my fiction story for my writing workshop, read some of a book for fun, went for a long walk with a friend, attended Mass, got a much-needed good night's sleep.  (Clearly, I love food....)

The bottom line is that I realized how happy I am when I get to spend time with people - to catch up, laugh, eat, and just generally have a good time.  And while I can't be with my family very often, I really treasure my time with them.  (So good to see my sister A last week!  And I can't wait to see my two youngest sisters next weekend, J & J!  Then the rest of the fam in March...)

Through blogging the last almost-six months, I have also developed new relationships via my blog.  I have reconnected with wonderful people in my past, as well as "met" new connections.  I have been pleasantly surprised when others tell me they have learned or tried something new after reading my blog.  Reaching out with my writing and my life, sharing what I love to do and the small things that inspire me, has only expanded my community and brought me even more inspiration.

I know there are a few of you who enjoy reading my blog but have not yet said "hello" :)  I would love to hear from you - whether it's your first visit or fiftieth!  Please drop me a note in the comments section (choose a profile in the drop-down if you have one, or just select Name/URL and type in your name... don't forget to "validate" by entering a code if it requests one!).  Or join as a follower of Inspiration and Rough Drafts.  From my own experience, I have found that being a participatory part of the blogging world really makes an impact on other bloggers, readers, and contributors.  It only builds the "conversation" to be more robust and helpful to all.

Thank you to my readers and fellow bloggers for support and inspiration... There is much more to come!

The girls enjoying July 4th in Chicago (2010)


  1. I love food too!! Ha I just had to say it.

  2. I totally agree- being together with our family and friends makes me happy also. I so look forward to our time together as they are always filled with love, laughs and of course, food. Ha.

  3. Great post! And so true. We are made for community. Love you!


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