Thursday, October 7, 2010

Guys' Night

As some of you know, my husband Scott sends out a text message every Thursday morning to encourage friends to meet up for drinks on Thursday evening.  Thankfully, my Thursday night class is a couple blocks from the recent bar of choice.  Usually we have some mix of guys and gals... but tonight I happened to join a guys' night.

When I arrived, the four guys around the table were already in the midst of a recognizable guy conversation.  I don't mean to stereotype.  I am being completely truthful that the volleying language of inside jokes (both those that were established tonight as well as long-standing favorites) and the familiar communication through movie quotes was in full swing.  I refused the first round of O-bombs, but I felt it was only right to "man up" on the second and third rounds... after all, this girl has had a long week.

For a little background, I grew up in a house full of girls.  Besides my loving and tolerant father, I had the company of my mom and four younger sisters.  I treasure my girlfriends and couldn't live without them.  I am one of the biggest girly-girls out there... purple, pink, lace, sparkles, pearls... I love it all.  But sometimes a guys' night hits the spot.  The conversation can touch on heavier topics in life like tough jobs, relationship stresses, or family issues, but for the most part, guys don't let that stuff get them down.  They want to one-up each other and see who can make the group laugh the hardest, who can tell the funniest story, who can come up with the craziest idea.

Tonight, the main topic was girls.  Pick-up lines, number of past hook-ups, fake vs. real body parts.  And yes, guys do rate girls but apparently try to steer clear of girls they personally know and stick with anonymous bar patrons or celebrities.  Please don't think my guy friends are fratty and shallow though.  They asked me how my sisters were doing and how work and school were going.  They know the kind of girl they want to take home to Mom... or in some cases, they know the kind of girl who will make them buy a ring and drop to one knee.  They just don't have to talk about it all the time.  It's the laughs and shock value that matter for the night, for the moment... the rounds of beers... the funny one-liners and stories.  So thanks to you guys for lightening the mood and taking my mind off the stressful moments of my day... cheers to you.

And in honor of an inside joke that can still be enjoyed by a larger audience... check out the memo on this check (don't worry, personal information has been removed).


  1. Haha....that story will forever be remembered! I love it!

  2. Coming from a house of all girls (except Dad) the whole guy's night interactions must be fascinating! Glad that you got to kick back and relax after a stressful week.

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